Our Expertise

  • Architecture

    Architecture involves more than drawing floor plans.

    We work with our clients to help them determine the best design based on their space, needs, community, budget, and vision for the project. We believe in a collaborative design process and pride ourselves on being good listeners and perceptive interpreters of our client’s goals. We seek to understand a building’s inhabitants, in order to design a space that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.

    To realize the shared vision this process affords, we remain committed to staying within our client’s means. Vast experience with tight budgets has taught us that good architecture is not reliant upon expensive materials. We strive to be inventive with the most economical, sustainable building materials and straightforward methods of construction. We do not see budgets as inhibiting good design.

    Exceptional design requires creativity. Inhabitants of well-designed spaces sense possibilities in their surroundings. A good designer knows that an inhabitant must realize the full range of how their space can be reinterpreted, again and again. Space must have a built-in level of complexity, a vocabulary of expanding possibility that continually grows rather than being limited. A well-designed, sustainable, and innovative project engages people and leads to more effective living, learning, and well-being.

    Our work is intended to inspire creativity, exemplify sustainable principles, and promote cultural diversity. Our collaborative process, our understanding of good design, and our drive for excellence, insures that Smith Sinnett Architecture uses the best practices of our industry and continues to advance the art of our discipline.

  • School Planning

    School planning is our niche. Whether it is an elementary school, a community college facility or on a university campus, we know how to create inspiring learning environments on time and within budget. For our educational clients, we provide a comprehensive school planning package that includes everything from bond planning and post bond execution strategies to school prototypes and schools within a school.

  • Facilities Studies

    Accurate and objective facilities studies are key to gaining community support for a project. Over the past decade we have provided various comprehensive long-range facility studies and plans for our clients. These assessments have helped our clients determine their budgets, timelines and secure the appropriate funding to ensure that their facilities will meet and exceed capacity requirements well into the future.

  • Site Selection

    Choosing the right site at an early stage in the project schedule saves the client’s money and time. Our site selections services assess dozens of factors including inflation costs, utility expenditures, environmental studies, wetland delineation, surveying costs, special use permits, grading, and the potential of future growth, to help our clients make the best decision at the beginning of the planning process.

  • Sustainable Design

    We start with identifying the owner’s environmental goals and then balance that with cost concerns and ease of maintenance. We explore energy and water savings strategies, appropriate building envelope components, as well as provide life cycle cost analysis. This allows us to make critical decisions when selecting building materials and systems. Smith Sinnett Architecture currently utilizes a staff of six LEED Accredited Professionals to fulfill the sustainability needs of any project.

  • Interior Design

    Successful interior design must be unique and imaginative and should reflect the operational concepts, the corporate or community image, geographic locations, and the architecture of the space. We offer a complete range of interior design services, from programming, space planning, and production of construction documents and specifications, through supervision of final installations.

  • Construction Administration

    Each of our projects is notable for the close, cooperative partnership that is forged between members of the design and construction teams. We maintain a full-time Construction Administration department and are devoted to ensuring that all of our projects are well constructed, on time, and within budget.