Manning Elementary School

Project Info

LocationRoanoke Rapids, NC
ClientRoanoke Rapids Graded School District
Square Feet96,200

The existing Manning Elementary School has aged out and been replaced with a new 800 student, 888 core, elementary school. Included in the project are additional parking spaces, parent queue,drop off area and bus loading area. Services include programming, design services from schematic design to construction administration, demolition design services, site evaluation and planning, civil engineering, stormwater and erosion control, coordinate submissions to local, state, federal authorities, landscape design, interior design, as-constructed record drawings, telecommunications and data design, security planning, furniture, furnishings, and equipment design, energy modeling and sprinkler design.

The site for the new Manning Elementary School faced multiple challenges. Adjacent to the original school, stood an abandoned shopping center, which the school system purchased and had demolished in 2014. What started as a limited building footprint, became even smaller after an especially high car-ridership required a longer than average car drop-off lane. At the same time, the existing school need to remain operational during construction. The resulting solution was a five-phase construction sequence with utmost attention to student safety and community awareness. Specific planning between local authorities, owner, and design team focused on traffic patterns and fire department access for each phase. The building itself was driven toward a compact, 2-story footprint that narrowly avoided existing classroom buildings while achieving a cohesive design form and good solar orientation.