Onslow County Environmental Education Center & Public Library

Project Info

LocationSneads Ferry, NC
ClientOnslow County
Square Feet11,772

This project focuses on the conservation of our local environment, including plants, animals, and their habitats. Visitor education is provided through live demonstrations, video and audio programs, and interactive displays. Adjacent to the building is a series of exterior spaces for education and leisure including a deck area, wetland trails, and an outdoor classroom. The design integrates environmentally friendly building techniques, furthering the educational objectives of the project, including rainwater harvesting, solar hot water harvesting, and water conserving fixtures. Real-time performance of these systems can be viewed on an interactive dashboard display. On-site features also include oyster shell recycling and general recycling. Strong sustainable design qualities contribute to the building being LEED certified, allowing it to stand as an example of sustainable building in the community and beyond.