The constant attention to detail throughout the process resulted in a completed project that has met all our goals. In particular, the entire Smith Sinnett team is to be recognized for their participation during warranty period. Your continued follow-up after the buildings were completed is noteworthy. Again, thank you for a job well done.

The experience of Smith Sinnett is without equal. The quality of their work on the plan, as well as architectural design and project oversight is excellent. Construction projects administered by the firm always resulted in on-time completion, within budget, and reflect excellent quality. My enthusiasm for Smith Sinnett is great.

In my experiences with Smith Sinnett Architecture, they have proven themselves to be a top quality and highly professional firm. If you are in need of architectural services, I highly recommend Smith Sinnett Architecture. I will continue to hire them in the future.

Of all of the primary contractors that we worked with, Smith Sinnett was the most professional and technically adept. They were able to meet or exceed our technical specifications while keeping within budget. All issues were addressed promptly and completed in a timely fashion, and we would highly recommend them for future projects within Onslow County.

Throughout our business partnership, I found them to be highly committed to the integrity of our work and highly competent in providing us the professional expertise from the educational design phase to occupancy.

Smith Sinnett Architecture has worked seamlessly with my staff and me to ensure our needs have been met and our budgets are balanced. They are consistent. They are light on the glitz and heavy on the results.

The Town of Apex not only made the right choice, but Smith Sinnett has exceeded our expectations in many areas. From day one, they were extremely responsive and sensitive to a variety of areas including the political climate, budget, community input, and the functionality of the finished project. They not only solicited extensive input from staff but also freely offered advice and guidance based on their past experience and previous projects. I wholeheartedly and without reservation would recommend the team of Smith Sinnett based on our experience and the quality of the project we are receiving.

Smith Sinnett Architecture’s reputation for innovative solutions, cost control, and delivery of quality facilities has earned them credibility with our administration and Board of Education… I can recommend Smith Sinnett Architecture for your new facility without reservation. I trust both their abilities and their commitment. Furthermore, I know that they will treat you and your board with the same degree of professionalism and care that we receive.

This firm offers integrity in every project. No matter how complex or simple the project, their staff is always friendly, timely and well qualified. You feel the team approach they take with their clients when you speak with any of their employees. Smith Sinnett Architecture understands the importance of listening to clients’ needs, offering expert guidance, and embracing the concept of the project. They offer forethought to the impact a project will have on our campus currently and for years to come. These traits are becoming rare with newer companies today, and Randolph Community College views Smith Sinnett as a tremendous asset.